Quarry Products Association of Northern Ireland
  Core values  

QPANI members recognise the materials they supply are and will continue to be essential for the improvement of standards of living and quality of life.

They are committed to the principle of sustainable development and ensuring that they are integral to everything that they undertake.

Health and Safety
The highest priority for QPANI members is the health, safety and well being of their employees, contractors, customers and everyone who visits their operations and other premises.

QPANI members recognise that their operations are an important source of employment and economic activity.

QPANI members recognise the need to maintain and develop a competent workforce.

Working with the Community
QPANI members recognise that their operations are part of the local community and strive to be good neighbours.

Resource Efficiency
QPANI members recognise that they must make the most efficient use of all resources.

Environmental Protection
QPANI members take responsibility for the impacts that their operations have on the environment and are committed to minimizing and mitigating such effects.

Stakeholder Accountability
QPANI members recognise the importance of operating as good corporate citizens.

Sustainable Products
QPANI members understand their role in sustainable production and consumption and actively promote the most effective use of their products. 

Carbon Management
QPANI members support the Government policy of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

QPANI members are committed to reducing the impact of the transportation of their products.

QPANI members recognise the value that must be placed on our national heritage and will ensure that heritage assets in their care are always treated appropriately.

Restoration of Land
QPANI members recognise that high quality restoration and aftercare of their operations, sensitive to local requirements, are essential parts of responsible stewardship.

QPANI members are committed to improving biodiversity.

QPANI members are committed to improving the management of geodiversity.

The Quarry products industry employs 5,600 people in Northern Ireland
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