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Minerals Mapping


Following a commission from the Department of the Environment, the British Geological Survey and its counterpart the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland have produced a Mineral Resources Map of Northern Ireland.

The map is intended to assist strategic decision-making in respect of mineral extraction and the protection of important mineral resources against sterilisation.

Six digitally generated maps at a scale of 1:100 000 scale are now available:


Click here to read the QPANI submission to the Minerals Section of the SPPS Consultation


Use the link to access the:

RESTORE Mineral Site Restoration/ Best Practice event presentation (May 2015)


The Aggregates Levy Credit Scheme

A review of the Aggregates Levy Credit Scheme supporting the case for a continued levy relief scheme in Northern Ireland.


QPANI have recently launched a significant report reviewing the Aggregates Levy Credit Scheme (ALCS). Back in 2002 QPANI lobbied hard for the 80% rebate in Northern Ireland and the investment that the industry has made in respect of ALCS has been significant, protecting the viability of our industry and the jobs they provide. The industry has certainly delivered and we are proud of their achievements.

This report sets out evidence and views expressed by our political leaders the ALCS has been a success. It is an excellent example how financial incentives linked to procurement policy can raise standards. Its adoption by the Government and subsequent industry participation has resulted in significant environmental improvements, it has created the much sought after level playing field within the sector; resulted in more joined up government by the regulatory authorities and has protected the viability of quarrying companies and the jobs they provide, particularly in areas close to the border with the Irish Republic.  


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ALCS and the current rebate on the Aggregates Levy will end on 31 March 2011. An application for State Aid Approval for a continued 80% rebate is currently with the European Commission, whereby a new Credit Scheme will have to be formulated and agreed.


To download & save a copy of the Aggregates Levy Credit Scheme Report please click here (pdf).

To download & save a copy of the ALCS Code of Practice and Audit Protocol please click here (pfd).


What is the Aggregates Levy?

A levy of £2.00 per tonne applies to sand, gravel and rock subject to commercial exploitation in the UK; this is referred to as the Aggregates Levy. In Northern Ireland, sites registered to the Aggregates Levy Credit Scheme can claim 80% relief from the full rate of the levy.

Link to HMRC:

Revenue and Customes Brief 5 (2015): Aggregates Levy tax credits in Northern Ireland.

(external website)

QPANI Regional Director presents a copy of the ALCS Report to Minister for Finance and Personnel Sammy Wilson MP, MLA.
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