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letter from the Chairman



Dear Member

As QPANI Chairman it gives me great pleasure to enclose for your attention the recent findings and recommendations of the Chairman’s Review Group that were approved at the recent Executive Committee meeting on September 18th. The Chairman’s Review Group was convened and commissioned with the task of carrying out a review or “health check” of the workings of QPANI. It has proven to be a very worthwhile exercise the outcomes of which set new targets and structures that will ensure that QPANI remains the voice of the Northern Ireland quarry products industry. The vision as determined by the Review will provide a sense of purpose and focus for the Regional Director and his team and the various committees that support the activities of the Association. The implementation of the reviews findings and recommendations will mean that QPANI will continue to deliver a valuable cost effective service to members and ensuring that the industries right to operate is protected.

One key output of the review was the agreement of a new draft mission statement and a series of 5 focused roles. 

The Review Group agreed a statement of purpose

“The QPANI exists to add value and improve the long term commercial sustainability of member businesses and the Industry as a whole”.

 The Review Group also identified the 5 focused roles and the four priorities under each role as,


1 – Facilitator/to/from Government influence

2 – Education internal/external

3 – Protect & expand market

4 – Sustainable employment/careers path

5 – Corporate Social Responsibility

The Review Group agreed that membership of QPANI should be a statement of intent to follow good practice and to operate in a legal and responsible way. The Review sets out clear membership criteria for each sector that we represent and sets what is expected of QPANI members.

An important part of the Review was looking at the funding and resources of the Association. The group agreed that given the current economic climate that an increase in the 2009 membership fee would be inappropriate. The membership numbers have increased to 112 over the past number of months and fortunately this will make up for any reduction in income due to plant closures as a result of the current downturn. The Review also considered and agreed other mechanisms for raising income from outside of the normal membership fee funding stream.

The Review Group agreed that to maintain and enhance QPANI profile and influence that the level of resources made available to the Regional Director should be maintained at its current level. That resource is currently a team of 3, including the RDs Personal Assistant. The Chairman’s Group have agreed that the Laverne’s current contract, which expires on December 31st, should be made permanent. The position would take up the responsibility for assisting the Regional Director in areas of work pertaining to Planning, Environment and the general Corporate Social Responsibility aspects of the Industry.


The Review also considered developing closer links with other organisations that lobby on and address similar issues as ourselves. This work includes the developing importance of the Construction Industry Group and in particular the role of the newly formed Assembly Construction Group. Other areas identified were joint work is crucial are energy costs, rates and waste management.

Last but by no means least the Chairman’s Review Group agreed clear definitions of roles and responsibilities within the management structure of QPANI.  The Review sets out


  • Roles and Responsibility of Chairman
  • Role and Responsibility of Chairman’s Group
  • Role and Responsibility of Executive Committee
  • Role and Responsibility of Regional Director
  • Roles and Responsibilities of sub groups/working groups


The findings of the Review show a clear consensus that QPANI has been successful, however, there is also a recognition that the organisation cannot be complacent and stand still.  It is my view that the Review sets out a clear strategy that will develop a more effective Trade Association, providing greater value to our members and has a better chance of meeting current and future challenges then.  

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who took part in the review and the hours devoted to producing such an excellent report.

I commend the findings and recommendations to you.


Yours Sincerely

Johnny McQuillan

Chairman QPANI


To access the full Chairman's Review Group Findings and Recommendations please click here.


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