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Concrete Built IS Better Built

QPANI has established a Concrete Development Group with the sole aim of promoting the use of Concrete and making it the construction material of choice through its Concrete Built IS Better Built initiative.

Why Concrete is Best!

Local Products: Leading concrete products are available from local manufacturers. The energy used in transporting materials to site is therefore very low, helping both the environment and the local economy.
Low maintenance: The exceptional durability of concrete ensures it is a very low maintenancematerial. Most concrete building components are virtually maintenance free as they are difficult to damage and require very little regular maintenance to remain in pristine condition.
Security: High strength and impact resistance allow concrete products to provide exceptional levels of safety and security. It is very difficult to penetrate a concrete product either accidentally or deliberately.
Fire Protection: Concrete is not capable of igniting, burning or spreading fire so is idealfor use in locations where fire protection is required. Concrete requires no additional fire protective coverings, chemical preservatives or paint systems that may release volatile organic compounds effecting internal air quality and which can require ongoing maintenance.
Product Life Cycle: Concrete structures have a very long life span. Concrete structures offer long-term construction solutions that do not need additional coverings or coatings for resistance, durability or sound insulation thereby reducing the embodied environmental impact of a building still further.
Thermal Mass: The unrivalled high thermal mass of concretecan be used as an integral part of passive design solutions which reduce the need for air-conditioning in the summer and the levels of heating required in the winter.
  • Concrete products are esential to our standard of living and quality of life...
  • The Concrete Products Industry is totally committed to reducing its environmental footprint...
  • Advances in concrete technology will help you design and build your sustainable, energy efficient home, office or school...

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